1. Visiting the emblem of the city: The Tower of Hercules.

Have you ever been on the top of one of the highest monuments from the Roman times? With its 37.2 meters height, the Tower of Hercules possesses one of the best views in the city. It’s the oldest Roman lighthouse still working nowadays.




2. Having some tapas in "La Bombilla".


Since 1937 this bar has filled the stomachs of those who wish to eat standing up chatting in good company. Both its good typical Spanish tapas for €1 (tortilla, croqueta, steak...) and its location in the heart of the atmosphere of the night in Coruña make this bar an evergreen place.

Location: On the corner of Torreiro Street, 6 and Galera Street



3. Going to Marineda City, the third largest mall in Europe.

Either if you love or hate shopping, fast food or healthy food, enjoy going to cinema or bowling… after walking around the restaurants, leisure places and around 200 shops, you will not be able to say that you didn’t get those pants you liked that much or that you’re still hungry.

Location: Carretera de Baños de Arteixo, nº 43. You can get there by catching bus 11.




4. Trying to take a selfie as a tourist at Maria Pita’s Square.

This is probably one of the most shooted places in A Coruña. Why? Simple, it fulfills the requirements of a good selfie: gorgeous landscape, great luminosity and a wide square where you can strike the best angle for your posturing.



5. Visiting The Castle of San Antón.

Yes, you have read it right, we also have a castle! It was built in the 16th century and it was used as a fortress, jail and even as an isolation centre where sailors were treated when they were suffering from a infectious disease. Nowadays it is an Archaeological and Historic museum and inside you can enjoy the exhibitions about the history of our city and region.

Location: Paseo Alcalde Francisco Vázquez, 2 A



6. Meeting up with your friends on Sundays at San Juan’s street bars.

On the last day of the week the city shuts down, becoming a ghost city. But there is a hidden place that seems to be the exception: San Juan’s street bars! Every Sunday afternoon this street is crowded of people drinking a vermouth, chatting and listening to live music. You have to experience it to understand it.



7. Having ‘Pulpo á feira’ at the inn A Lanchiña.    

Galicia is the land of seafood and, as you may have already heard, we love to eat octopus, but not any kind of octopus! We love the traditional recipe called octopus 'á feira'. There are many places in Coruña where you can go to taste it, but our recommendation is to go to the inn 'A Lanchiña', specialized in this delicacy.

Location: Calle Pérez Porto, 1-3




8. Check with your own eyes why Coruña is the "Crystal City".

Across 'Avenida de la Marina' buildings have a singular archicture perfectly adaptated to the climate of the city: buildings with galleries and big stained glasses that prevent water from coming into flats while allowing their illumination with natural light. This is the reason why Coruña is known as the “Crystal City”.

Location: Avenida de la Marina




9. Drinking the best beer in the world at Estrella Galicia Brewery.

The brewery is set in the same place as the original Estrella Galicia factory was. They pour all kind of beers made in the cellar of A Coruña, besides some tapas and portions. Over time it has become a place of worship for beer lovers and a proof of it is that the place is always full of people.

Location: Calle Concepción Arenal, 10


10. Tasting new flavours in the best Ice-Cream Shops.

Fancy an ice cream? Although there are many places where you can get them, we suggest you to try ice cream from these 3 shops: Real, Colón and La Italiana. They are so tasty that we can't recommend just one place!

  • Heladería Real, location: Rúa Santiago, 2
  • Heladería Colón, location: Avenida Marina 26; Closed in winter.
  • La Italiana, location: Av Montoto, 9. Open from February to September and in Christmas.



11. Contemplate sunrise after partying in Playa Club disco.

Would you like to dance in a disco with sea views? And what about contemplating the sunrise while you are lying on the sand? Then just do it! Playa Club Disco gathers both experiences at the same place, one of the great pleasures this city offers.

Location: Andén de Riazor


12. Going shopping in ‘los Mallos’, a traditional flea market.

Every Tuesday and Saturday of the year an outdoor street market takes place around the forecourt called “A Sardiñeira”. It has 195 stalls, all them offering different products. Seize the opportunity to buy both cheap and fashionable shoes and clothes!





13. Going to ‘Plaza del Humor’ (Humor square).

Enjoying art for free is only possible in this square placed in front of San Agustin’s Market. Within the square there are different pictures of international comic characters i.e. Asterix and Obelix, Spanish characters like Mortadelo and Filemón or even Galician writers such as Castelao and Vicente Risco.



14.  Seeing the city from the ‘Monte de San Pedro’ (San Pedro Hill).

The best views of the city will be found in this former defensive point. And if you're really demanding... it also has an English maze, a duck pond, several cannons, war machines, a panoramic elevator, a restaurant... There's nothing better!




15.  Having some wines and tapas in Barrera street.

There are many areas in Coruña where you can go to get wine and tapas, but we recommend 'La Barrera' street! Its atmosphere and charm, its location and its variety of places will make you love the Spanish gastronomy. You'll end up recommending it!


16.  Going to the ‘House of Science’ and falling asleep in the Planetarium.

Despite being a science museum, it is not the typical science museum, it is interactive and suitable for all audiences. Inside there's a planetarium, and there's a funny thing about it: it is frequent that people fall asleep there! Seeing the stars really relaxes the mind of the visitor. So, fancy a nap?

Location: Parque de Santa Margarita


17. Having Breakfast at 'Cafetería Internacional' after a night out.

‘La Internacional’ is the most popular place where people go after a good night out to have some breakfast before going home to sleep. It is placed in a central area, and the taxi rank is very close.

Location: Avenida Rubine, 7





18. Going to a football match in Riazor Stadium.

The city has a football stadium in which the Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña plays. If you like football, then you have a pending appointment to support our team and sing its songs, every person in Coruña does it!



19. Going to the Domus Museum.

Museum dedicated to the characteristics of the human being. Throughout more than 200 interactive and funny activities you can learn about, for example, nutrition, reproduction or genetics.

Location: Rúa Ángel Rebollo, 91


20. Visiting the Aquarium

The Aquarium Finisterrae, also known as the House of the Fish, is located on the seashore with a large fixed exposure and a temporary one about the marine world. But the main attraction is seeing the seals, specifically when the caregivers feed them, it is a fine spectacle. Find out more about the schedule and do not miss it! Also, good news: entrance is free with the UDC student card!

Location: Paseo Marítimo Alcalde Francisco Vázquez, 34


21.  Meeting up at the Obelisk.

Its good location and communication make it the most popular and busiest meeting point. So if you are the one who has to wait for that friend who is always late, you will not be bored, because you will end up talking to some mates who are in the same situation.

Location: Rúa Cantón Grande



22. Going for a swim in Riazor Beach.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is the case of the photos of Riazor beach, they speak for themselves! It is not surprising that there's always tourists visiting it and enjoying it!




23. Enjoying a stage play at the Columbus Theater ('Teatro Colón').

We are talking about going to the Colón theater but we could be talking about the Rosalía de Castro Theater, Metropolitan Forum or Agora Center. If your intention is to see a good play, any of them is perfectly valid. But Columbus Theatre has something hard to explain that makes it very special, maybe it's its architecture or its history, who knows?

Location: Avenida de la Marina, 7A



24. Singing "Vivir na Coruña qué bonito é, andar de parranda e dormir de pé" when you´re partying with your friends.

In 1983, the Galician singer Ana Kiro began to sing a famous song about how beautiful it is to live in this city and how many things it offers, like the possibility of going to a party until the sun comes up. That's why many people from Coruña sing this song every night out.




25. Visiting the archaelogical excavations of "Castro de Elviña".

A fortified settlement characteristic of the castreña culture of the northwest of the Iberian peninsula and one of the biggest of the northern Galicia. Entrance is free and it includes a guide, there's no need of reservation, just check the opening times. It is surprising how close it is to the Elviña Campus!

Location: Campus de Elviña, s / n




26. Having 'Chocolate con Churros' at 'Bonilla a la Vista'.

Chocolate with churros is a typical Spanish dish, it is consumed during the winter both as a breakfast or as a snack after lunch. The bitter sweetness of the hot chocolate mixed with the oily and crunchy taste of the churro make them the perfect couple.

You will find the best churros in 'Bonilla a la Vista', where you should also try their chips.




27. Suffering an unplanned downpour.

No matter how many times you check the weather forecasts, in Galicia you will never know!

The clouds passing through Coruña are very mischievous and never warn when they will begin to drop water. That is why, if one day you suffer an unplanned downpour and you are not carrying an umbrella, there's a Spanish saying that says: 'a mal tiempo, buena cara', which means that you can beat the bad weather with a smile.



28. Leaving home carrying a jacket 'Just in case'.


We are very sorry about it, but raining is not the only meteorological warning, there's also some sudden temperature changes. That is why every cautious Galician person leaves home carrying a jacket, even if it the weather is warm, because they know it is likely that the weather may get colder later at some moment.


29. Drinking tea in the Tea shops around the 'Old city'.

Yeah, we may not be experts in tea, but we do have some really nice tea shops around the 'Old City' that are worth visiting due to their carpets, cushions, rugs, pastries, teas and other surprises.

A little oasis of relaxation and peace in such an energetic city!




30. Having a 'Bocadillo' at Rogelio.

If we have to choose the most typical place in Coruña to have some snacks or sanwdiches, that would be 'Rogelio'. Besides their classical sandwiches, its specialty is the Guerrilleros and Cannibals. Have you tried them yet?

Location: Calle San Roque, 1


31. Remembering that Coruña is the city wher no one is a foreigner.

Do you know the slogan of the city? Have you heard the quote 'Coruña, the city where no one is a foreigner?

Indeed, it is the slogan that describes a reality! The feeling of each person who comes, who after a short time has the feeling that it is part of the city and it's from here. This is the magic of Coruña, it is cozy!


BONUS (only on certain dates)

32. Jumping over the bonfires on San Juan day at the beach.


On June 23rd, the shortest and most magical night of the year, we celebrate the night of San Juan. Through the streets and beaches of the city fires are lit to welcome the summer.

They say i if you jump 9 times over a bonfire, you will get protection and good luck. If you try, do not forget that the fire always burns and that really hurts!


33. Getting a tenth-share in a lottery ticket at 'La Favorita' (Before December 22nd).

Christmas lottery is one of the most popular lottery draws in Spain. We all go crazy because can get the Greatest Prize of the Year, what we call 'el Gordo', which is about 400.000 euros. You can get your tenth-share in La Favorita, they say it brings good luck!

Location: Rúa Concepción Arenal, 17


34. Visiting the 'Christmas Village' in Maria Pita.

During Christmas there is a beautiful Christmas village in the Plaza de María Pita. It is advisable to see it at night, its lighting has a special charm that will make you fall in love.



35. Having chestnuts during christmas at 'Calle Real'.

In the past, chestnut was one of the basic foodstuff in Galicia, but over time it has been replaced by the frequent use of the potato.

Nowadays, from October until January they are usually roasted to eat as an appetizer or snack. You can get them freshly roasted and ready to eat in one of the chestnut stalls located in 'Calle Real'.


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