Erasmus in Schools (EiS) is an activity born within the international project SocialErasmus (SE). Among SE activities, EiS it is defined into one of the eight aims of SE, education. The main goal of EiS is for the non­college students of every country to be familiarized with Europe and international mobility. Therefore, among the objectives of EiS we could point out: the ability of showing the traditions and customs of their citizens, to promote international mobility or to bring down stereotypes and encouraging values of democratic coexistence.

Moreover, EiS offers to the international students a wonderful opportunity to approach the local communities they are living in and promote their countries of origin, being assimilated even more in the societies that are embracing them. At the same time, EiS gives to the local students the chance of having a first hand experience about some other different cultures existing in Europe.

An Erasmus in Schools activity consists in international students visiting local schools and teaching about their countries, cultures and traditions, creating cultural concience among local students and encouraging them to participate in some exchange programme in the future. EiS activities are always customized, being adapted to the local students, their education level or the neccesities established by each teacher. The activities must be always supervised by, at least, one ESNr.