1. A Coruña is a non-stop city!

Off to beer on Monday afternoon? Partying on Tuesday? Outdoor concerts on Sundays?

No matter what day it is, living in A Coruña means having always a reason to spend the days on the street!


2. A Coruña, a great small city

Fancy a walk along the longest promenade in Europe? It measures 13 km in total and goes from San Antón Castle to the Portiño!


3. Rent is quite affordable for students

A Coruña is one of the most affordable cities in Spain: renting a room in a shared apartment costs between €150 and €280 per month. But not only rentals are cheap, so are cultural events, University, sports, fresh produce such as seafood and vegetables, and even beer, which costs between € 1 and € 3!

Oh, and the entrance to the discos? Most of them are free!


4. The Atlantic Ocean on your feet

You don't need to live in a capital to feel the world's yours when you have the second largest ocean on Earth right in front of you.

But be careful! Tides and wind are sometimes so strong that if you wander you'll end up without your towel or swimsuit!

Photografy: Carlos Figueira

5. Tapas, tapas!

If you don't get fat while you're on Erasmus in A Coruña, you're doing something wrong!

You'll soon understand why we love so much raxo, Spanish omelette, Padrón peppers, coffee liquor or pomace cream. They usually cost between €1 and €3, although of course Tuesday nights are Tapas night with ESN Coruña: free tapas with your beverage!


6. Spanish vibes!

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the attitude and energy of the people of Coruña!

If you need a hand, we'll always offer you one. If you lose your friends while partying, there'll always be a place for you in our group!


7. Four seasons in a day:

Going out on a sunny day with a jacket "in case it refreshes" or going out on a rainy day with sunglasses "just in case" are two things you will only understand if you do your Erasmus in A Coruña.


8. The Nature

Beach or mountain? You'll never have to choose because Coruña has it all!

The surroundings of the Tower of Hercules, the park of Santa Margarita, the park of Bens, San Pedro's Hill, the 'walk of the bridges', the beaches of Orzán, Riazor or Matadero are suitable places to rest, to breathe a little of Fresh air, to do some sport, to go for a walk or having a picnic.


9. Festivals

If there is something we love in Galicia, those are Galician verbenas, in which the festive atmosphere is mixed with historical representations. In addition, during the summer the city is full of festivals: Noroeste, Fiestas of Maria Pita, Medieval Fairs... you can't leave without enjoying at least one of them!


10. A Magical City

There are many legends lurking the city and many spells to sing around a Queimada, but certainly something that doesn't remain hidden is the light that A Coruña gives off by the reflection of the sun in its windows. No wonder it is known as 'city of glass'.


11. It's sunrises and twilight will take your breath away

Getting up early won't be that hard watching the sunrise or A Coruña and you'll definitely won't want the day to end when you see the sunset. And is there anything better than ending a night out than watching the sunset from Riazor beach?

Photografy: Carlos Figueira

12. Streets are full of history and legends

The drawing of the Square of Humor, the representations in the lanterns of the promenade, the messages hidden in the facade of the Town Hall...

Open your eyes very well when you walk through the streets of A Coruña, you never know what you can find!


13. The city where no one is a stranger

Did you know A Coruña is known as 'the city where no one is a stranger'?

Wherever you are coming from, we just want you to feel at home!


14. We brag on having a World Heritage

Did you know A Coruña is known as 'herculina city'? It's due to the emblem of our city: the Tower of Hercules! The badge of the city, its flag, the logo of the UDC, the street lamps, the streets and in every corner of A Coruña can be found the representation of the oldest Roman lighthouse still in operation, World Heritage since 2009.

Photografy: Carlos Figueira

15. ESN Coruña heart

Getting out of your comfort zone is always a little easier if you have people waiting for you at your destination. The volunteers of ESN Coruña are waiting for you with our arms open!

Thank you for letting us be part of the best experience of your life!