Hey there lovely Erasmus!

We know many of you are already planning to pack your bags, and maybe you’re thinking if you’ll have enough space to bring everything you have on your wardrobe back to your home countries.

That’s why we invite to you participate with us in a GLOBAL COLLECT!

Anything that doesn’t fit on your suitcase or you’re thinking of throwing it away, you can bring it to our office. We’ll be collaborating with Equus Zebra, an NGO which aim is to help and support all the immigrants who are coming to Coruña

Some leftovers for us are needs for many people, so even if we just give a little, we’ll be helping so many people, and it will have a HUGE positive impact on the society :)

What can you donate?
All the clothes you no longer use, or you can’t bring back to your country because it doesn’t fit in your luggage.
Non-perishable food items you haven’t used.
Also those kitchen food you may not use at home: pots, pans...

How can you donate?
You can come over our office whenever you want from today :)
At the entrance you’ll see a reserved space by ESN Coruña for the collect.

Thank you for building a better and more supportive Coruña!