ESN Coruña is a non-profit association made by volunteers students whose purpose is to help all exchange students incoming at the University of A Coruña.

We organise activities aimed at helping, integrating and making the stay in A Coruña more enjoyable for all foreign students. If you have any problem, or you wish some information about the activities we organise, write us or come to our office and we will help you by all means possible.




       Carlos Figueira                            Samuel Pardo                          Cristina Calvo             

          President                               Vicepresident                           Secretary                        


                    Fernando Vázquez                                      Laura Arias   

                          Treasurer                                                 Vocal


Coordinators Coruña


          Ana Varela               Alejandro Gisbert              Jaime Valle               Adrián Villarreal

  Andrea Lurigados               Minerva Pose            Verónica Montero             Sandra Gómez                   


      Sergio Barro               Lorena Cancela           Tamires Ferreira               Mario Santos


       Santiago Paredes                 


Coordinators Ferrol

        David Dopico              Iria Marón                 Fátima Rodríguez                Pedro Ojea


         Lucía Pérez                       Elisa Martín